Website Solutions for Multi Franchise Dealers

DealerWebs provide Multi Franchise Website Solutions for all major motorcycle franchises

In addition to our Solus Franchise Dealer Website Packages, we provide multi franchise dealer website packages for dealers of all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a single location multi franchise dealer or a multi location / multi franchise dealer, our powerful multi franchise dealer website solutions are so flexible that your objectives can be achieved online.

We're very used to the requirements of the manufactures in terms of brand isolation and CI standards and our multi franchise solutions take care of everything you need to help you sell more, at the same time preserving manufacturer CI and brand standards. Our multi franchise website solutions can present each of the franchises in your website in their own brand environment, with no cross reference to other franchises in your website - from an audience perspective, it's like a website in a website and each franchise area reflects the corporate identity and brand standards of the relevant franchise.

Multi Franchise Website Enquiry Management

In our experience, many multi franchised dealers require very specific management of how website enquiries are handled in terms of who should actually receive the enquiries from the various different franchise areas of your dealer website. We've got this covered and your website can be configured to send specific enquiry types to the relevant individuals or teams. For example, all 'new' Triumph enquiries could go to 'Joe Bloggs', all new Ducati enquiries could go to 'Jane Doe', all new Suzuki enquiries go to all members in the 'Suzuki group'. This flexibility is available for all areas of the website, including used bike enquiries, online store transaction notifications etc etc..

Take a look at our franchise dealer website solutions for an insight into the features and benefits that our solutions come with as standard. The same functionality applies to our multi-franchise dealer websites, albeit in multiple franchise sections of the website.

See below links for more info on the motorcycle multi franchise website solutions we provide:

FACT: Every franchise dealer that has moved over to our platform from another provider has told us that their sales enquiries have dramatically increased.

For a comprehensive insight into the motorcycle dealer solutions that we offer, take a look at Dealer Marketing Products & Services.

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