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Web Design covers everything from a small single page website to a huge global platform, such as Amazon. Whether it's your first dealer website or indeed a replacement dealer website, the most important thing to do first is to decide what you need your website to achieve for your dealership.

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Motorcycle Dealer Websites for Independent, Franchised and Multi-Franchise dealers

With over 15 years of motorcycle and automotive website development behind us, we have many happy customers and have learnt a great deal over the past 15 years. The digital landscape is constantly changing and it's vitally important that we keep pushing ourselves to stay ahead of the game in terms of website technology. More importantly, to keep you - our motorcycle and automotive dealers - up to speed with the latest technology available that will help you close more deals! Our Motorcycle Dealer Website solutions are packed with features that will help you increase your sales.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly dealer website solutions

It's a fact that more people are now accessing your website on a mobile device, rather than a traditional desktop or laptop. Furthermore, as of April 21st 2015, Google started to literally penalise websites that are not mobile friendly, which means that non responsive websites will lose their position in the Google search engine results pages (SERPs) to websites that are responsive, that is, mobile compatible websites. More info on mobile optimisation for SEO.

For a comprehensive insight into the motorcycle dealer solutions that we offer, take a look at Dealer Marketing Products & Services.

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Motorcycle Dealer Website Features

Automotive Responsive Web Design Responsive Web Design
Search Bikes for sale Bikes for sale search
Bike detail, Photos & Spec Bike detail, Photos & Spec
New Motorcycles Range New Motorcycles Range
New Bike Detail & Spec New Bike Detail & Spec
Live Finance Integrations Live Finance Integrations
My Stock Manager™ My Stock Manager™
Dealer CMS™ Dealer CMS™
Motorcycle Dealer Website Examples

Features & Benefits of our Motorcycle Dealer Website Solutions

Mobile First Responsive Design

Mobile First Responsive Design

Your dealer website will perform very well on all devices, from the smallest smartphone to the largest TV. This is critical for SEO as the Google Search Algorithms now factor in device compatibility.

Industry Leading SEO

Industry Leading SEO

Everything we do is built to rank well in Google and all the main search engines. We build YOUR website for YOU, with unique optimised content and factor in the key SEO ranking factors.

Used Bikes UK

FREE Advertising on

Exclusive to DealerWebs™ customers, join 100+ dealers and advertise your motorcycle inventory for free (free forever) on the fastest growing used bike advertising website, With an average of over 8,000 bikes for sale, the visitor traffic to Used Bikes UK is growing month on month and ranks #1 for many motorcycle relates searches on Google. Don't miss out on this free advertising opportunity to get more sales.

Live Finance Applications

Live Finance Applications

We can integrate your website with multiple providers of live finance calculators, which means your customers and prospects alike will be able to look at monthly payment options and tailor their perfect finance package for their next vehicle purchase and buy online.

New & Used Vehicle Data

New & Used Motorcycle Data

For franchised dealer websites, new motorcycle models will be automatically populated by us when new models are launched, and subsequently removed when they're no longer available (but you can easily choose to display older models if you have existing stock!). You can upload your motorcycle stock inventory to us and publish them to your website, Used Bikes UK (FREE) and can also export to other used bike advertising platforms, such as MCN, eBay and Auto Trader for example.

Motorcycle Manufacturer Promotions

Motorcycle Manufacturer Promotions

If you're a franchised dealer, your website will benefit from automatic inclusion of all the latest manufacturer offers and promotions that are currently running, all of which will click through the relevant models to increase your chances of conversion.



Easily add items to your eCommerce store and sell directly from your dealer website online shop. Where data is available, you can add thousands of genuine clothing, parts and accessories items to your online store in a single click - all complete with images, pricing and fitment data (where applicable), ready for you to sell online directly from your own website.

Social Media Integrations

Social Media Integrations

Your dealer website benefits from Social Media Integration, which means people can easily share your website content over literally hundreds of Social Media Platforms in a single click. You can also display your social feeds within your website which really helps to engage your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

New & Used Vehicle Data

Dealer CMS™

Built from the ground up. our Dealer CMS content management system is incredibly powerful and gives you complete control of all aspects of your website - add pages, add navigation menus, add blogs, design layouts, custom galleries, banners and advertising, social plugins, new vehicle widgets, used vehicle widgets, manage transactions etc etc...

Social Media Integrations

Dealer DMS

Because we fully understand the important of fluid operations and saving time where possible, we can fully integrate your dealer website with the leading Dealer Management Systems, form providers such as Catalyst and EvoPos for example. We can integrate at many levels, from simply receiving a used vehicle feed right through to a fully integrated online store that can handle inventory uploads, live stock, delivery notes and invoicing.

New & Used Vehicle Data

SSL as standard

Your website benefits from SSL encryption as standard (shown by the padlock in the browser), which means your audience feel confident when browsing your website and are far more likely to engage with you as they know your website is secure. Website Security is vital for SEO.

Social Media Integrations

FREE Industry leading support

We have a dedicated team ready to help you - either by phone or email, and we'll never charge for support as we believe this should come as standard. Our customers tell us we have the best support they've ever experienced from any website provider.

Powerful Dealer Website Performance Analytics

Powerful Dealer Website Analytics

Trawling through multiple Google Analytics reports can be tedious - and requires a significant knowledge of the GA platform to actually find the data and KPIs that you need for your business. The DealerWebs Analytics Dashboard takes away all the pain and provides you with an intuitive and powerful overview of your dealer website performance. You can see a clear summary of your overall website engagement and drill-down into all aspects of user behaviour and how many enquiries and transactions have taken place.

The DealerWebs Analytics Dashboard enables you to drill down into multiple areas, so you can specifically track the success of your overall dealer activity right down to the various brands, services and products and product types that you provide. Drill down on motorcycle data by new or used / make / model / dealer location and do the same for all your workshop and online store transactions. You can view data by year, month, week and day. This is a very powerful and simple to use tool and is invaluable when it comes to reviewing and planning your marketing activity and bike buying strategy.

Vehicle Management

Powerful Inventory Management

Business objectives first

Regardless of whether your dealership is a global empire or a small family independent dealership, your website should be engaging, simple to navigate and optimised to your target audience with strong SEO.

A great website is not just a well designed and great user experience, however, it should be far more than that. If a website is built without a strong understanding of your commercial objectives and target audience, it would be a total waste of your hard-earned money. The design of a website, whilst a very important factor in every website we build, accounts for approx 20% of the overall project. The other 80% of the work is comprised of a total understanding of your business (strengths, weaknesses, commercial goals etc), extensive market/competitor research, well written, engaging content, a great user experience (UX) and of course full optimisation for the search engines, that is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

For every single dealer we work with, the most important factor in any project is to fully understand your business, your brand(s) and your target audience(s). This is the starting point of everything. Until we have this level of understanding, nothing else can happen in terms of website development or SEO. How could it?

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Your next move

Are you ready to Supercharge your Bike Dealership?

It's a fair assumption that you'll want more vehicle sales enquiries, more online sales, more service bookings and more people in your dealership - and the planning & research stage is vital to the future performance of your website - and therefore vital to the performance of your dealership business.

We've seen it time and time again where dealers leap head first into a website projects and then woefully regret their haste in doing so. Before giving any thought to your website, the objectives of your business must be clearly established - or all website efforts may be in vain and end up costing you money, unnecessarily.

Click below and one of our 2 directors will be in touch with you directly to discuss your needs and how we can help you. No obligation and no relentless emails or follow up calls. It's not our style.

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Bike Dealer Web Design and SEO go hand in hand (or they certainly should!)

Developing a website without SEO is like having a party without sending out the invites - a guaranteed damp squib. Follow the below link to read more about SEO ranking factors and how they impact your position in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

SEO Ranking Factors

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